50 Years Of Independence

This Friday 31st 2012, Trinidad and Tobago will celebrate 50 years of independence. The country first achieved independence on this date back in 1962 from the British. Some of our parents and grand parents may remember what it was like being part of the colony but for the younger generation, myself included, it’s a memory we will never have. To those who were around when we became an independent state, this 50th anniversary may seem like such a short period. Just think of all the memorable events they have been so fortunate to witness.

When you take a look at the bigger picture Trinidad and Tobago is nothing more than a spec on the map. Population 1.3 million and change we measure just over 5 thousand square km in combined size. What we lack in numbers and size though, we certainly make up for in grandeur. I’m honestly never shocked when one of our nationals or as a country we achieve something extra ordinary.  To be a Trini is certainly something special, well at least I think so.

Beaches in Trinidad and Tobago


The Greatest Show on Earth

Keshorn Walcott

 (Gold medalist, 2012 Olympic javelin throw)

Anya Ayoung-Chee

(Project Runway season 9 winner)

Brian Lara

(Too many achievements to mention)

This Friday’s events will include the military parade and the independence day parade, which will be held in the capital city of Port of Spain. For many it will be a day of rest and relaxation either at the beach or at home with family or even recuperation after the House of Marley concert that takes place Thursday night. What are your plan for this Friday? What is or was your proudest moment as a Trini?

Here is hoping everyone has a safe and happy independence. 🙂