Let’s talk leggings.

Leggings are a fashion staple, I’m sure almost every female owns or have worn leggings at some point. It’s a great idea to add a few basic colors to your wardrobe, to spruce things up a bit when necessary. Sadly though some females have failed tremendously, when it comes to the way they choose to wear leggings.

What exactly are leggings?

Leggings are a form fitting accessory worn to cover the leg area. They come in various materials such as lycra, Spandex, nylon, cotton, even faux leather. They come in a wide spectrum of colors and a variety of patterns. Typically, leggings are opaque, which is where my quandary comes in. Why do some females wear leggings as pants?


Are Leggings pants?

Initially when leggings came back in style they were typically worn with short skirts or dresses. Then, I don’t know who started it, but someone decided to where leggings as pants. I’ll be lenient and say that maybe some women don’t know any better and are just following the trend. There are no two ways about this sadly, leggings are NOT pants and they should not be worn as such. They are, as mentioned before, an accessory. They can be worn or used to create a fashionable effect to an outfit but should never be worn in the place of pants.

Leggings are very form fitting and will accentuate every form, crease, ripple, groove, bulge or dimple that it comes into contact with. This will be a good time to add that it does not matter what size you are, even if you are a size zero, it will draw attention to your bones. Then this clearly shows that the females that follow this trend either want or lack attention. I’m sure that this undesirable trend brings additional stares, glares or heckles from both men and women. Not to mention the fabulous array of under ware that is advertised via these leggings. It also shows that they are tacky (cheap and tasteless).

How to wear leggings

Leggings should be worn with something that goes past the hip region and covers completely the butt and crotch. They go great with tunics, shirt dresses, long sweater tops, short skits etc. Here are some examples.


What are your views on this trend?