Nicki Minaj’s Makeup

Have you ever paid close attention to Nicki Minaj’s makeup? With all that she has going on sometimes with her outfits and hairstyles, it can be easy to miss. If you ever happen to focus long enough on her face you’d notice how gorgeous her makeup could be at times.

Perhaps one of the most note worthy aspects of her makeup is her lip stick. A color that is significant with Nicki is pink, which might explain why she has her very own pink M.A.C. lip color. Yes she does! It was released around the same time that the singer released her Pink Friday album and get this, the lip color is called Pink 4 Friday. Recently she teamed up with M.A.C. again along with Ricky Martin to create VIVA GLAM a limited edition lipstick that all sale goes towards helping women, men and children living with and affected by HIV and AIDS.

Besides her lips, my favorite aspect of her makeup are her lashes. At times they can be very bold but they always complement her look.  Bold lashes can be achieved by either adding eyelash extensions or by applying your favorite mascara. Lashes make a big difference to your finished makeup look, try some and you’ll see.

Tip: Candy pink lips look best in matte lip shades with a little gloss added. Revlon and L’Oréal also carry matte lipsticks in a range of colors.

Have you tried this lip trend?



One thing I never leave out of my makeup routine is mascara. Mascara darkens, thickens and lengthens your lashes. Who wouldn’t want that? It brings out your eyes and makes them more noticeable. Great to use if you’ve had a long night since it makes you look more “awake.” Even if you don’t wear much makeup, it would be a great idea to dab on some mascara if you just want to change up your look.

I’ve tried a few mascara brands but the one that I tend to stick to is Maybelline. The one that I use the most though is their Great Lash Mascara and I’ll continue to use it unless I find something that gives me better results. 

It’s hard to miss in its signature pink and green packaging, this mascara has been around for over forty years. Excellent for volume, this mascara is also hypoallergenic and contact lens safe. The wand on this mascara is what I like most. The narrow tip allows for contact with the tiny lashes in the inner corner of your eye so nothing gets left out. It is a bit hard to wash off but applying a bit of make up remover will loosen it up making the task easier.

The price of this mascara is around $37TT dollars and available at your local Pennywise outlets.

For hygienic purposes it is advised that you change your mascara every 3 to 4 months.

Are you a Great Lash fan as well? Share with us what you like about it or tell us what is your favorite mascara.