Color Blocking

Are you afraid of color? Have you heard about color blocking? I’m sure you’ve seen it around lately. It certainly is a bold trend but you’re not afraid of fashion. Color blocking is when you take opposite or contrasting colors and combine them. The results can be  pretty striking but then that’s the whole point. The thing about fashion is that you can’t run from it and this trend is everywhere. Some garments are already constructed into the trend or is it the trend into the garment? Either way it makes it easier to wear the trend since you don’t have to figure out how to mix and match the colors.

Quite a number of celebrities are wearing this trend already. Maybe after seeing it on them you may be more inclined to try it. Here are some for your viewing pleasure.

Tyra Banks


Ashley Greene

Kim Kardashian

Leona Lewis

Ashley Tisdale

Who do you think wore this trend the best?  Would you wear this trend? Feel free to send us pictures of how you wear this trend and we’ll feature you on our blog.


2 Responses to Color Blocking

  1. miahepburn says:

    Out of those I think Ashley Greene or Ashley Tisdale wore it best. In my opinion, Leona Lewis and Tyra kind of over-did it. If you’re going for color-blocking the outfit is better simple that way you only focus on the color-blocking rather than the one shoulder or bare mid-riff. Just my opinion though 🙂 I like the trend too and have definitely tried it out a time or two. It’s fun to play with clothes you never could wear together before.

  2. fashionfink says:

    Thanks for your opinion :). My fav is Ashley Tisdale’s. I’m yet to try the trend but when I do I’ll go for something simple like her outfit.

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