Weekend Fashion.

You live for the weekends, don’t you? I guess we all do. This is because weekends are supposed to be fun or at least a change from the regular during the week routine. Even if this is not the case, we all look forward to those breaks when we can relax or do that thing we’ve been meaning to do for ages now. Not only is it a change from what we do but it is a change from what we wear. We finally get to ditch the work clothes and the school clothes for something that is more “us.”  Here are some great easy to put together looks for weekends that you can wear to run errands, go shopping, or just to hang out with friends.

Great to run errands in, try paring a t-shirt with your favorite shorts and flip flops. This look is low on style but high on comfort.

My Weekend Looks

Staying in the shorts department, this look is a bit more fashionable. This is great for going shopping or meeting up with friends.

My weekend looks 2

This look consists of a couple of my favorite things, converse sneakers and cut off jeans. We all own a pair of cut off jeans and if you don’t, they are so easy to make. Pair jeans with a basic camisole and a plaid shirt that you can tie to the front or just leave open.

My weekend looks 3

Sun dresses are so cute. They are also adaptable to suit many occasions, from going to the beach to grocery shopping. Just loose the hat if you’re going shopping.

My weekend looks

For those who are reluctant to show off too much skin, I didn’t leave you out. This is a look that I just love and it comprises of a basic item that I’m sure you already own, the maxi dress. The maxi dress is more adaptable than the sun dress and is suitable for many body types. Pair with comfortable footwear and accessorize to suit your taste and you got it.

My weekend looks 4

We all have our own opinion when it comes to fashion. These looks are based on what I personally like and on the the fact that I live in a Caribbean country, which means it  is often very hot outside. Please feel free to share with us what you like to wear on the weekends, we’d love to hear from you. 🙂