Fashion Icon – Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker, who turned 47 today (March 25), happens to be one of my favorite style icons. I fell in love with SJP mainly because of her character Carrie Bradshaw, in “Sex and the City.” Carrie has a shopping addiction that  I’m sure most women can identify with and she is a shoe fanatic who spends hundreds of dollars on her foot wear. She always look fabulous and her outfits never cease to amaze me. I wish so much that I could raid Carrie’s closet, don’t you?


A while back she teamed up with Steve & Barry’s to sell her “Bitten” line, “women should be able to wear great clothes and not lie in bed at night feeling guilty about how much money they’ve spent,” said SJP. I guess she understands that not everyone would be able to afford the high end designer brands that she can. In reality SJP is like Carrie Bradshaw times ten, she has a very unique sense of fashion that can be daring at times but  she always makes a memorable statement. Here are some of my favorite SJP looks.

Totally glamorous isn’t she!?


6 Responses to Fashion Icon – Sarah Jessica Parker

  1. ceislin says:

    what i would do to a) have her wardrobe and b) have her confidence!

  2. Micia says:

    I love love SJP….and happy belated birthday to her.
    Great post and thanks for the follow. x

  3. l love how quirky her style is. Hanni 🙂 xxx

  4. missjey says:

    I love SJP’s Style!!! More people should be bold to express themselves like she does! 😉

  5. she’s amazing! thank you 🙂
    xx ~ tdl

  6. I totally agree, she is one of my top ten fashion icons!:)

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